Software Development

At Speclux we are not just a software developer, we are problem solver. We know our clients do not come to us only for our technical know-how – though we are as highly skilled, as well as experienced as anybody in the business. They come to Speclux for a solution that works. A way to overcome the issues; make day-to-day tasks easier and quicker, or to get ahead of the competition. We are solution experts!

And that is exactly what we deliver. Our services include: custom software development, software integration and database management. We take time to understand your business objectives, so that we can design and develop software which can be a perfect fit for your people, systems and customers.

Our Software Services

Custom Windows Applications

Speclux can provide custom Windows application development based on client requirements.

Custom OSX Applications

Speclux can provide custom OSX application development based on clients requirements.

Business Applications

Speclux develop business applications as per user demand, our applications offer instant intelligence and collaboration.

Software Testing

We enable clients to accelerate the delivery of quality software with our comprehensive offering of our software testing services.

CRM Integrations

We help you leverage the maximum out of your CRM system with our integration services.

Portal Development & Integration

Speclux offer fast and flexible portal development and integration services.

Brief process of our Software development service:

Our Software development service includes the following components:

  • System Design
  • Quotes and Timeframes
  • Development
  • Final Testing and Implementation.
  • Operational Review
  • Final Alterations

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in the technology industry in order to connect our client’s goals to reality